Farm Credit Foundation for Agricultural Advancement's Community Education Program

We are proud to announce our Community Education Program to support communities within our 44 county footprint. The program will benefit agriculture education and will provide funding for projects and to organizations that make a positive impact in MidAtlantic Farm Credit’s territory.

Funding options include up to $2,000 and up to $10,000. Applications will be accepted in two periods:

  • January 1st – June 26th: Decisions made by the Foundation via conference call July 2nd with winner notification by July 15th.
  • July 1st – October 16th: Decisions to be made by the Foundation at their in-person meeting on October 22nd with winner notification by October 31st and funded prior to year-end.


Program Requirements and Guidelines

  • Qualifying programs must benefit communities within MidAtlantic Farm Credit’s territory
  • Requests must be consistent with the values and mission of The Farm Credit Foundation for Agricultural Advancement. The Foundation will not provide critiques of proposals submitted.
  • Requests that meet the selection criteria are considered by the Foundation Board. Only 501(c)(3) organizations or those otherwise exempt from federal income tax will be considered. Funds will not be awarded to the same or part of the same organization more than one time in a 12-month period and no more than three times within a five-year period

The Foundation may choose to fully or partially fund requests. Previous funding does not guarantee continuing support to any organization. Funding is discretionary and restricted to a specific purpose.



  • Programs and projects of charities that do not support agriculture or agricultural education
  • Contributions for political support purposes, scholarships, or memberships in professional societies or trade organizations.
  • Individual or personal endeavors or projects, or individual farm operations.
  • Participation or entrance fees for charitable events or financing of charitable organizations.
  • Religious or sectarian programs or groups that benefit the specific organization.
  • Political campaigns, candidates, lobbying groups, or causes.
  • Sports teams or athletic events and competition, including equipment or uniforms related to sports.
  • School activities or school booster club donations, including bands, choirs or fine arts programs.
  • Private foundations promoting personal hobbies.
  • Organizations or programs that are inconsistent with or do not align with non-discrimination, ethics, or other Foundation policies, values or mission.
  • Organizations that in any way pose a conflict with Foundation goals, programs, services, or MidAtlantic Farm Credit employees or Directors.


Phase One:


Phase Two:

Opens July 1, 2020
Closes October 16, 2020
Recipients Notified by October 31, 2020
Awarded by December 31, 2020